Monday, September 21, 2009

eating food with maxdesu and friends.

six of us rode our bicycles to visit grocery chain whole foods at kahala mall.

...occasionally large vehicles would appear to demolish our bike posse.

blogosphere sensation maxdesu (view his youtube) joined seth and I in poor boy dining. maxdesu bought one pound of meat loaf for about $4.81.

seth had a banana, yogurt, rice, and seaweed. the rice and seaweed would make him mini sushi rolls. his total was about $5.75. photo by maxdesu.

I had a banana, quinoa cakes (so bland, ugh), and strawberry guava juice. my total was about $5.27. photo by maxdesu.

aly and nimz both got bottled tea and trinkets from sanrio. girls...what the fudge? photo by maxdesu.

maxdesu consumed the entire one pound of meatloaf, breaking his fork -and his digestion- in the process.

it was fairly difficult to eat cheaply at whole foods market. I still cannot understand why natural food stores charge nearly ten dollars for a pound of prepared food (and at those prices one could afford a restaurant).

maxdesu was fantastic to collaborate with. I personally would enjoy another collaboration dinefest in the future. thank you yuuki, aly, and nimz for adventuring with seth and I. -sau

Thursday, September 17, 2009

potato promo wednesdays.

after being introduced to BC burrito's unique chipotle ranch potato burrito last week at our kaka'ako outing, and being informed of the wednesday night special (a decent-sized potato burrito with small drink, $4.99), it was only a matter of time before sau and I found ourselves seated in this kaimuki eatery on a wednesday evening.

what these burritos lack in content and nutritional value (potatoes, cheese, grilled onions, and a variety of sauces/salsas wrapped in your choice of tortilla 'color') they definitely make up for in flavor, fun, and affordability. and for only $0.65 more they will let you add your choice of black or pinto beans to help you get through the rest of the night.

BC burrito's diverse offering of hot sauces--ranging from tasty and mild to 'what were they thinking?' hot--makes the experience even more enjoyable and provides plenty of opportunity to see how 'tough' your friends really are. if can, can. if no can, no can. on tuesday we found out sau no can.

see you guys next wednesday. -seth

Monday, September 14, 2009

how to dine expensively for no reason.

sunset at kakaako beach park, september 2009.

weekends used to be the beginning of something blissful. but with a majority of friends attending college, weekends have become dark holes of homework and part-time employment.

a few evenings ago I ate my first satura cake cupcake. satura cake is one of those kitschy desert shops that are swarmed with college kids and forty-year old women after their workouts. because I have an untamed sweet tooth the idea of gourmet sugary cakes was appealing.

so imagine my disappointment moments after I consumed my cupcake. for four dollars, a tiny cup of flavored sugar and flour should have been something magnificent. the cupcake was barely mediocre…it was bloody terrible.

but whoa did it look pretty.

afterwards seth, aly, and I walked over to z pizza. the chain restaurant triumphs their use of organic and local ingredients. I had the vegetarian pizza of the day –the napoli— while seth had both the napoli and some meat infused pie slice.

now the pizza was delicious. but the price tag: $3.50 per slice was a bit high. the next time I win the lottery I am going to z pizza. -sau

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

seth vs. the ultimate donut.

after a nice afternoon cruise out to costco, complete with excessive headwinds as usual, sau challenged me to conquer the zippy's ultimate donut. after stuffing the whole donut down my throat i thought i had been victorious. on the ride home i quickly realized that i was wrong and had simply become another victim of the hideous ultimate donut-induced death, complete with the perpetual waxy coating on the roof of my mouth. my girlfriend is worried sau is goint to kill me before she gets to see me again and she is probably right. here's to another fun day of food (and indigestion)!

on a side note, i find it interesting how local residents of hawaii who always pride themselves in their limited honking of car horns do not hesitate to let you know they are unhappy with the fact you are (legally) riding a bicycle on their streets.

anyways, now it's time to get back to homework. -seth

land of organica sorbets of doom.

on a blistering ninety degree -with unmentionable humidity- day, aly and I headed towards the land of organica retail store in downtown. land of organica (located at 900 maunakea st) is a fruit sorbet and juice company specializing in organic and local ingredients. the results are an assortment of vegan sorbets (using agave nectar instead of sugar to sweeten) that are stunningly delicious.

sadly the retail store was closed on 09.09.09 when aly and I arrived. so we rode our bicycles to the down to earth market and bought a green banana sorbet (it reminds me of a particular dr. seuss story). it was there that we encountered john hamilton who informed us that he was the only caucasian kid in his hawaiian creole english class.

thank you to jesse whiles for introducing land of organica. -sau

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

otto cake.

marking the first of many sponsorships sau and I hope to receive as we sample the world of food available to the financially-challenged, last week's otto cake visit was quite an experience. calorie upon calorie of delicious cheesecake washed down with a nice smooth cup of iced toddy coffee, an excellent day indeed. -seth

first mobile update.


after finally configuring my cell phone for mobile posting you can all now look forward to on-the-go updates as sau and I involve ourselves in food adventures of all varieties.

picture formatting/quality is slightly disappointing... I will have to continue to work on this process.

Following a WINDY ride out to waimanalo and back, we stopped for some BC burritos. sau wandered over to the "hot sauce hell" cabinet and suggested I try some of the hot sauce. he then proceeded to dump excessive amounts of this horrible substance on my burrito. 24 hours later and I am still feeling it in my stomach. -seth